Financially Frozen? Melt Away Debt and Get a Fresh Start with Your Finances
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If you’re feeling financially frozen, there’s hope. If you feel like you can’t get ahead, or you’re frustrated because you never seem to have enough money, you can move from financial struggle to stability.

The key to a better future is a fresh perspective on your finances. This book will help you melt away debt and learn to do more with the money you have right now.  You’ll learn how to develop a spending plan that works, and how to use that plan to achieve your financial goals.

You don’t have to feel stuck. Start moving ahead - financial success is within your reach.


Only the person who was issued a log-in and password is authorized to take this program.

Copy and paste your log-in and password carefully from the e-mail you received, and make sure you include all dashes. Copying and pasting both the log-in and password, rather than typing them in, is recommended because your user ID and password are case sensitive.

To enter the course, please click on the student log-in tab located on the tool bar above.

Upon entering the program, you will be asked some basic questions (demographics). Please reply to as many questions as you feel comfortable answering.  After answering these questions, you will be directed to the Financially Frozen: Melt Away Debt and Get a Fresh Start with Your Finances pre-assessment.  Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers; the goal of Financially Frozen is to help you learn this information.

After completing the pre-assessment, you can move to Chapter 1. Continue through Chapters 2 through 8, and then you’ll complete a post-assessment that will help us measure how much you’ve learned.

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