Financially Frozen? Melt Away Debt and Get a Fresh Start with Your Finances
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Financially Frozen?
Melt Away Debt and Get a Fresh Start with Your Finances

Chapter 1 - You Can Move from Financial Struggles to Stability

  • Identify What You Value So You Can Set Financial Goals
  • Spend Your Money on What You Value
  • Write Down Your Goals
  • The Power of Goal-Setting

Chapter 2 - Develop a Spending Plan that Fits Your Needs and Goals

  • Distinguishing Between Wants and Needs
  • Your Spending Plan: Where Do You Begin?
  • Careful Shopping Helps Your Spending Plan
  • Track Your Spending

Chapter 3 - Financial Tools Can Help You Manage Your Money  

  • Safeguard Your Financial Information
  • Checks and Money Orders
  • Working With Banks and Credit Unions
  • Overdraft Protection is a Safety Net
  • Keeping Accurate Records
  • Protecting Your Personal Identity

Chapter 4 - Using Credit Wisely Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

  • Types of Credit
  • Loans: What Lenders Want to Know About You
  • Credit Card Interest Can Be Costly
  • Read Your Credit Card Statement Carefully
  • How the CARD Act Protects You
  • Protections for Gift Cards and Stored-Value Cards
  • How Many Credit Cards Do You Really Need?

Chapter 5 - What You Need to Know About Your Credit Score

  • What’s In Your Credit Report?
  • Your Credit Score – What Is It?
  • Your Credit Score – Why Does It Matter?

Chapter 6 - What You Need to Know About Contracts   

  • Leases
  • Contracts for Utilities
  • Contracts and Online Services
  • Furniture Contracts and Extended Warranties
  • Insurance Contracts

Chapter 7 - Protect Yourself from Scams and Know Your Legal Rights

  • Disputing Problems with Goods and Services
  • Learn More About Charities Before You Give
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Laws That Protect Consumers
  • Dealing With Debt Collectors

Chapter 8 - What Can You Do When Things Go Wrong?  

  • Advice: Think Carefully Before You Follow It
  • Credit Counseling and Debt Management Programs
  • Debt Settlement Companies and Programs
  • Bankruptcy
  • Rebuilding Your Credit


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